Welcome to Jensiv!! The home of simplified Technology.

Jensiv Ltd is a Software development firm with skilled Computer Science & Information Technology Experts. Our Headquater is located in Nigeria while our remote teams are spread across the globe including UK, Mauritius, Cyprus, Canada, and Qatar.


As a technology firm, we believe in proficiency and client satisfaction, we build Android, iOS, Windows and Web based solutions with a coverage on three major areas of computing as reflected below

Blockchain systems on web, mobile and Desktop

Blockchain Development

We have skilled Blockchain developers who build Distributed Apps, private and public blockchains, Crypto Wallets, Audit Smart Contracts, and ICO related services.

Smart systems with Artificial Intelligence

Data Science & A.I

This field of computing is described as the sexiest of the 21st century, if you have not started implementing A.I and Big Data concepts to your business, the time is now and Jensiv is right here to simplify the work.

We do not just build, we secure your data.

Cyber security

It is not enough just having a website or an online presence, have you ever wondered about security and why big companies spend a lot on data protection? Jensiv Ltd simplifies it for all businesses.

Why is Jensiv the most preferred?

Charity they say begins at home, Jensiv is an I.T firm with experts trained and certified from across the globe, who believe in transforming their own world and continent - Africa.

  • cloud

    With International partnerships - we build and provide our clients with affordable cloud services.

  • email

    We offer dedicated email servers/services to clients and businesses across the globe, fully customized for business needs

  • backup

    We provide routine backup services for our clients' database systems, to ensure no data loss, data integrity, etc

  • resource

    We value our clients well enough that, your resources are our priority, and your confidence and data security our objective.

  • scalable

    We build scalable apps bearing in mind the global technological trend.

  • access

    We build adminsitrative panels that can handle all areas of business needs.


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We provide I.T services to various industries See More



What's the project ecosystem of Jensiv?

Building scalable solutions has become the objective of every client and business out there, for startups, big firms, etc. we have carefully designed a model to help unleash the beauty of I.T for your needs

" As long as technology has become an integral part of man's endeavour, we shall stop at nothing in transforming the world and simplifying Technology for all and sundry. Africa as a continent deserves more. "

Jensiv Mantra

Why choose Us

With our J.E.V Formula, Client satisfaction is undisputable. Ensuring the delivery of value has never been a question without a satisfactory answer

Our Mission

Simplifying Technology to drive value and building the strongest network of highly skilled Professionals.

Your expectation

Expect your dreams and projects to come out just the way you want them, with a professional touch to that idea or dream project