Areas of Operations

Sectors of the economy we provide services to.


Banking Sector.

We provide services such as business data analysis, cyber security, Data warehousing and Prediction based systems for the banking sector.


Agricultural sector

We build I.T Based solutions to improve agricultural productivity and enhancement. Especially the new trend - Blockchain for agriculture.


Educational Sector.

We build state of the art facilities to enhance education at all levels, solving the issues of examination mal-practice etc, ensuring that the African child gets the best of his/her education.



We service small and medium scale busineses with I.T Based solutions to enable them improve on sales and productivity, as well as customer based growth and data protection.


Oil and Gas

We build A.I Based solutions to ensure effective monitoring of activities, data storage and productivity of the oil and gas sector.


Private sector/Government

We also facilitate delivery of softwares for the private sector - smart home systems etc. We also build Blockchain solutions for the government to eliminate issues of corruption and electorial mishaps.