About us

Everything you need to know about our company

Our Methods are simple, yet EFFECTIVE !

At Jensiv, we adopt a customer centric approach in all our dealings. We strive to be a diligent and trustworthy organization. We will hold your hand all the way from start to finish on your projects.


We are a team of young software Engineers who have come together with a strong motive of delivering value to the society at large, bearing in mind the rigours involved in software Engineering and Information Technology, simplifying technology has become our watch word.


Why choose Us

With our J.E.V Formula, Client satisfaction is undisputable. Ensuring the delivery of value has never been a question without a satisfactory answer

Our Mission

Simplifying Technology to drive value and building the strongest network of highly skilled Professionals.

Your expectation

Expect your dreams and projects to come out just the way you want them, with a professional touch to that idea or dream project

Our operational model

Three easy but key operational concepts of JENSIV, we call it the J.E.V Operational Model.



We don't exist in this world alone, and as such, there is something powerful about having the right synergy, because with the right synergy, and team on ground, we believe we can build the future.



It's not just about the synergy, the effort is responsible for something productive, we all give in a proportional effort to all of our clients job, to produce a system, a product etc.



Without value, there is no Jensiv. The V at the end of Jensiv is the reason for our Team - a Team of Value.

Some Frequently asked Questions:

Here are answers to few questions posed to us by some of our clients. We hope you find them satisfactory.

Q. Why does Jensiv offer several services?

Jensiv is not a one man affair, it is a team with every professional having the right skill set to develop a product according to every client's need.

Q. How long does it take Jensiv to deliver on products/jobs?

The Jensiv team knows that each product/service/job is time bound, and upon commencement, we negotiate on the time frame and deliver sooth, but for any technical delay, we communicate same with you.

Q. How does the team operate?

The team operates with inhouse specialties in every Technological field with a spectrum of partners and consultants

Q. How do i monitor the progress of my job?

The Jensiv team provides each client a login credential in which all project details, receipts, etc are displayed. Job progress is displayed after every 48hours upon commencement of a project.